Truth, Liberty and Justice

The following is a short list of issues that I pledge to work over the next two years.

  1. In view of the present-day issues with Covid-19 we must be very careful how we fund programs and cut unnecessary spending during this time of crisis in order to rebuild our State Economy. I will do my best to cut spending, lower taxes and protect the Liberties of our Citizens.
  2. I am Pro Life! I will protect the unborn and the elderly. Last year Ohio passed the heartbeat bill banning abortions after the heartbeat, Missouri passed the same type of Legislation with many other states working the same, Alabama followed by banning abortions.
  3. I am pro-2nd Amendment! I will not support a ban or over regulating of the 2nd Amendment. I will not support Red-Flag Laws. We have Laws in place for people that use firearms during a crime that hold them accountable. John supports Stand Your Ground Laws 100%.
  4. DHS/CPS We must pass Laws that hold these bureaucracies accountable for their actions. Over payments must be returned and programs must be reviewed. There are cases where Child Protective Services are needed, however when the courts take away the 4th, 5th, 6th and 14th Amendment rights away from our Citizens, there is a flaw in the Law that requires change. We must pass complete Laws that protect the Citizens from Legislating from the bench (making up the rules as you go).
  5. I am a strong supporter of Voter ID. There has been so much talk about voter fraud the one way to stop some of the propaganda is to issue Voter ID and not to get is confused with a voter tax we should add it to State IDs or the Driver’s License at no cost.
  6. Health Care, we need to open the insurance markets and cut regulations. We must produce all our medical products in America, I will promote tax cuts for manufacturing of medical products in Minnesota.
  7. Veteran Issues, Health care, education, Military Honors during burial services. I support VA backed loans for farmers to acquire farms in the same way they back home loans, however this will need to be changed at the federal level, I have been in contact with people in Washington to start the change. 
  8. Farmer Support, we change tax laws to allow the deduction farmers need during the normal course of doing business. At this time the State of Minnesota will only allow $25,000.00 to be deducted for machinery purchases each year and the Federal Government allows $500,000.00, I believe this needs to be updated so farmers can keep more of the money they earn. We need less regulation placed on farmers and many of the farmable wet lands regulations need to be done away with. I am a strong supporter of large and small farms.
  9. Education, our public schools must become completive. I support school vouchers or tax credits for private schools and home schooling without unnecessary regulations. I support open enrollment, however when a school is at 95% capacity the open enrollment for that school should be closed, in other words no expansion of schools for open enrollment. Planned Parenthood wrote the Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) plan and after feed back from people in our district I believe it should be outlawed in Minnesota.
  10. Transportation, I will not support funding for light-rail expansion in Minnesota. No funds should be used to do a study of a taxpayer funded business that has not proven to support itself.  Another point with the light rail is the danger and Lawless things that happen on the train. There was money set aside to do a study of Law enforcement on the trains, I believe this was a waste of taxpayer funds because Law-Enforcement has the data and should come up with a plan to make the trains safer for all and then come to the state for funding if needed.
  11. Roads, Bridges and Utilities must be first before funding any projects bringing in businesses that can support themselves.
  12. Refugee Resettlement, I have very few words only for the next two years the Inn is Full.
  13. Labor Unions, I don’t have much to say because the unions have many good programs, training, health insurance, retirement, and safety, and they must be careful not to put undue burdens on non-union shops.
  14. I believe that if we want to keep our industries in Minnesota or bring in new, we must look at our Tax Laws and make changes to attract new business.
  15. As a State Representative and Legislator, I will do my best that all the programs are completely planned out before voting on funding for any city, county or project. 
  16. If you endorse me, I pledge to work every issue that comes across my desk or give you a reason for no action.
  17. I will stay in contact with all Delegates and Alternants through out my term and ask for your guidance because I work for the people and you are the ones that put me in Office.
  18. I support and believe in the Republican Platform.
  19. You can count on me to tell the Truth every time, I am sixty-four years old and have made mistakes in my life, but have always looked at what I have learned and planned how to make the wrongs right.  
  20. I will work hard for the whole district, there is more to the district than two cities.

Truth, Liberty and Justice

Integrity is one of the things that is on to top of my list when it comes to dealing with people. When people tell you stories that are not true or twisted in a way for personal gain, it becomes a red flag for me.

My pledge to you is that I will always tell the truth and look out for the people first before taking care of myself as I have done throughout my 32-year Military Career. Please contact me with any questions you may have. I am 66 years old and have had ups and downs just as many do and will answer for anything during my life.

I love my Country and our State. God Bless You and our great State.
I thank You in Advance for your Support.