Hello please allow me to introduce myself. I am John Ulrick, I served our country for over thirty years as a soldier in the United States Army both on active duty and reserve duty completing tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have stayed the course retiring on the last day of my birth month of my sixtieth birthday. My family and I own a farm and a small manufacturing facility located in Morrison County Minnesota. I am a conservative Republican believing and living Christian Values, promoting pro-life and the Constitution of the United States and Minnesota.

The attributes I will bring to the office is my dedication to the service of the people and our way of life, twenty-four hours a day seven days a week three hundred sixty-five days a year. When I am not in session I will be traveling the district meeting with people for information about issues that need my attention. I am a person that never quits and stays the course looking out for the people. I am a sound voice for the people.

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